Warwickshire massage.

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Tel; 07983079443. (with-held numbers/texts  ALWAYS ignored)

Coventry Male Beauty treatments, Coventry Make-overs. Coventry Tantric Massage.

Warwickshire male massage. Warwickshire Spray tans for men.Coventry spray tans for men.


Im Dee, im a mature British lady offerring from my own home-based salon, in a small village just outside Coventry,  a range of massages and male grooming for the discerning gentleman (or ladies and couples!)

I offer a range of male grooming and beauty regimes for gentlemen who dont want to visit a high street beauty shop.

 Male beauty by Dee:

Spray tans. ( spray tans at #25)

 Hairdressing, #30

shaving, trimming, waxing. (from #25)

Designer stubble tinting and trimming.

Male or -female make-overs, for that wedding or special night (#30)

Photography services: make-over and model portfolio, or for your advertising photography. (Indoor studio) from #60.

Massages.See next page for my massage selection of de-stressing massages for gents, ladies and couples.

Or why not treat yourself, and combine any mixture of my services for a pamper package!

I offer a discreet service with no high street frontage, free parking outside.

My opening hours are WEEKDAYS ONLY 9AM-3PM strictly by appointment only.

I answer my phone, from 7am for same-day appointments,if I dont answer, I could be with a client, so please leave it for a while and try again,I regret I cant call you back.

Feel free to call me on the number above and feel free to ask any questions, if I dont answer during times available, I may be busy, leave it a while and call back.